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Brandon Walker is a personal fitness trainer, professional speaker, and author of the book INERTIA: Seven Principles of Leadership in Motion. He is certified through The Cooper Institute (CI-CPT) in Dallas, TX and has more than twelve years of experience in training, motivation, and leadership development. As a trainer, Brandon designs exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Scott Sager is a diverse athlete and trainer (ISSA).  He found the importance of physical development during his 6 years in the US Army.  After completing his military service, he began to actively compete in Crossfit, powerlifting, and body building. He is now dedicated to educating and training individuals to achieve a better life through fitness.

William Hale is a Master Trainer (AMFI) and former semi-pro football and basketball player.  He has trained dozens of clients in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.  When he's not training, he's bringing his unique sense of humor to the stage as a stand-up comic.  His positive, flexible training style make him a stand-out in the fitness community.




After your 1-hour Fitness Evaluation, our trainer will provide you with a detailed report explaining your current fitness level as well as a customized fitness plan based around your needs and schedule. Once the plan has been agreed upon, your trainer will begin the coaching process.

Our specialized individual training programs are built for YOU. Your body type, experience level, learning style, and personal goals all factor into the process.


Training can take place in a variety of environments including your home, apartment, personal gym, or even a local park.



Training Packages:

*No refunds for unused training sessions

One Training Session : $55

Two Training Sessions : $100 ($10 Savings)

Three Training Sessions : $135 ($30 Savings)

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Weight Loss: Maintenance of a healthy body weight is important for maintaining both physical and emotional well-being and preventing disease. Excess weight and obesity have been associated with an increased risk for numerous medical conditions.

Muscle Toning: Muscle toning exercises should be a part of virtually all weight loss programs, as there are several health and fitness benefits that are primarily derived from resistance training, besides looking great!

Cardiovascular Health: Cardiovascular health is important because it helps maintain proper weight, lowers the "bad" cholesterol in your body, LDL, while increasing the level of "good" cholesterol or HDL. Cardiovascular fitness can also lower high blood pressure.

Increased Strength: Strength training is not just about bodybuilders lifting weights in a gym. Resistance work promotes bone and joint health, heart function, and overall balance.

Improved Balance: Balance-based exercises strengthen core muscles and allow you to function better in all daily activities.

Increased Flexibility: All physical movement requires some measure of flexibility. A good training program always includes making increased flexibility a major goal.

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Sport Specific Improvement: Some sports require particular exercises to increase skill and proficiency at the activity. As a trainer, Brandon is familiar with many sport-related exercises and will tailor the program accordingly.