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"Corporate vs. Private Trainers."



Brandon Walker

3/25/14    Corporate vs. Private Trainers


Here are five reasons why private personal trainers are (generally) better than corporate gym trainers:


1) Flexibility

Corporate gym trainers are locked into very specific programs when it comes to exercise.  It may seem that they offer a variety of options, but at the end of the day, they do what the company tells them to do.  They are not allowed to deviate from the corporate playbook.  This greatly limits their flexibility when it comes to providing you with effective, interesting and creative workout plans.  Private trainers, on the other hand, have the ability to offer virtually unlimited options.  As a trainer myself, I tell my clients that we will “never do the exact same workout twice.”  This makes my workouts considerably more fun than what you would get at a corporate gym.


2) Focus

There are innumerable distractions at a corporate gym.  You’re almost always exercising in the midst of a crowd.  As distracting as this can be to you, it can be equally distracting to the trainer.  Not only are they seeing all the people working out in the area, they are always on the lookout for their supervisors who might be scrutinizing their performance as a trainer.  This can take the focus away from you and can actually create a very dangerous situation if the trainer is easily distracted.  Private trainers are focused on one thing:  you.


3) Goals

As a private trainer, my goal is simply to make you the absolute best you can be.  When you succeed, I succeed.  Period.  In the corporate gym environment, the mindset is different.  The company does not care whether or not you succeed.  The bottom line is that in that world, you are merely a number.  Corporate gyms push their trainers to book training sessions and to sell overpriced company products.  If you happen to succeed, that’s just a bonus.  It’s not the goal.  This is one of the reasons why client turnover is so high in corporate gyms.


4) Enthusiasm

What strikes me about trainers in corporate gyms is how utterly bored they seem.  To me they look like they would rather be anywhere else than in the gym.  Now, I can understand this mentality.  If I were hanging around the gym for ten hours a day being told to train clients the exact same way I’ve trained every other client, I’d probably be bored too.  These trainers also have to be quiet so as not to disturb the other patrons.  I have no such restrictions with my clients.  Private trainers can cheer you on as loudly as we want!  This is huge.  Studies have shown that we can lift up to 20% more weight when someone is vocally encouraging us!  Corporate trainers don’t have the luxury of expressing their enthusiasm, if they even have it in the first place.


5) Accessibility

As a private trainer, my clients always have access to me via phone or email.  If they have questions or concerns, they can get in touch with me at virtually any time.  Corporate trainers, for practical reasons, do not have this level of freedom.  Again, they are providing a specific, narrowly-defined service, prescribed by the company, not a comprehensive program.  Your training ends when you walk out of the gym.  Private trainers have the flexibility to truly coach you throughout your fitness journey.


In summary, the difference between a corporate trainer and a private trainer is the difference between a cook and a chef.  One prepares specific, generic meals based on company guidelines, while the other creates culinary art.  In regards to your fitness, do you want a cook or a chef?  The choice is yours.  Choose wisely.


Be Well,