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1/29/14    Are You ALL IN?

I was working with one of my personal training clients yesterday and I was explaining to her how well she was doing in our sessions.  She had a great attitude, paid attention to my instruction and generally worked her butt off every time we met.  I asked her about how things were going on days on which we didn't train.  Her eyes fell and she admitted that she was really struggling to do anything on those days.  We talked some more and I explained the importance of sticking with the program regardless of whether or not I'm there with her.

   Her situation is common.  Her problem is that she's not yet ALL IN.  She's taken some very significant steps.  Like many of you, she has moved from the "I should get healthy" to "I'm going to do something about it," to "I'm calling a trainer."  That last step is the game-changer.  It is the moment that thought becomes action.  Bringing me in to train her was HUGE!  But she's still not ALL IN.  Like I said, she works hard when we're together but it's those "off" days that really count in this equation.  Being ALL IN means committing to wellness as a lifestyle, not just a three hour a week thing.  I have great faith in her.  I know she is going to "get it" soon.  She's dipped her toe in the pool... now she knows it's time to make the jump.  Ask yourself today, "Am I ALL IN?"


Be Well,






"Are You ALL IN?"



Brandon Walker

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