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1/30/14    Fad Diets

Whether you are only just beginning your weight loss journey or you are a seasoned veteran, trying to reach your goal weight is often times extremely daunting. It is unbelievably easy to fall prey to “quick fixes” and “shortcuts” along the way. The internet is a hub full of solutions that seem too good to be true. Eat nothing but cabbage soup for two weeks days and lose 17 pounds? Sign me up. But the truth is, any form of calorie restriction is going to result in weight loss. Popular crash plans such as the master cleanse, cabbage soup diet, 17 day diet, HCG diet will have you eating as few as 500 calories a day. By participating in these extremely irresponsible eating plans, you risk permanently damaging your metabolism and severely depleting your body of essential nutrients it NEEDS to function.


Harmful side effects of extremely low calorie diets include:

- Use of muscle for fuel

- Prolonged slowed metabolism

- Anemia

- Low blood pressure

- Hair loss

- Exhaustion

- Heart murmur

- Vitamin deficiencies

- Dehydration


That’s why it’s so important to abandon the diet mentality. What starts as weight loss should become a lifestyle change that focuses on health and moderation. You may drop 10 pounds in a week on a fad diet and fit into your favorite jeans, but once you return to your regular habits you will regain that 10 pounds, and likely more. Focus on creating a plan with a REASONABLE calorie deficit that includes lots of nutrient dense foods, and also incorporates all your favorites. It can be done!







"Fad Diets"



Hannah Geiser

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